Unique and Sustainable Father’s Day Gifts: 28 Eco-Friendly Ideas for 2024

Quirky Father's Day Gift

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and what better way to show your appreciation than by picking up a unique and eco-friendly gift for your dad or father figure? Break away from the traditional tie and socks routine and explore our curated list of 28 quirky and sustainable products that suit all tastes and budgets. Each piece comes with a unique story and becomes an exciting conversation starter because all of our products are upcycled from out-of-the-ordinary, distinctive reclaimed materials.


1. Perfect for Tony Hawk Wannabes: Recycled Skateboard Bottle Opener Keyring


Capture your dad's nostalgia for skateboarding with our handmade Recycled Skateboard Bottle Opener Keyring. Each keyring is unique in pattern and colour, creating a one-of-a-kind gift. Affordable at £12.00, get it here.


2. For the Biker Dad: Recycled Rubber Motorbike Tyre Vegan Belt


Practical and stylish, our Recycled Rubber Motorbike Tyre Vegan Belt is made from reclaimed rubber, offering durability and eco-friendliness. Ideal for active dads, this belt is priced at £40.00 and available in sizes S-XL. Available here.


3. For the Forgetful; Never Lose Keys Again: Recycled Bike Chain Vegan Keyring


Solve your dad's key woes with our handy Recycled Bike Chain Vegan Keyring. Its double-ended design ensures easy key access and prevents misplacement. Choose from five vibrant colours for £11.00 each. Shop here.


4. Perfect for the Cyclist/Engineer/DIY-er: Recycled Bicycle Chain Cufflinks


For dads who love cycling, engineering, or DIY projects, our Recycled Bicycle Chain Cufflinks are a great choice. Made from UK-sourced bike chains and silver-plated, these cufflinks are priced at £30.00 and available in three colours. Get them here.


5. For the Stylish and Sustainable: George Inner Tube Vegan Wallet


Upgrade your dad's wallet with our George Inner Tube Vegan Wallet. Made from reclaimed inner tubes, it features multiple card compartments and a full note-length pocket. Personalise it with your choice of stitching colour from our range. £40.00 each, 

browse the colours available here.


6. A Minimalist Cyclist's Essential: Kenny Eco Bike Saddle Bag


Ensure your dad's cycling adventures are hassle-free with the compact and waterproof Kenny Eco Bike Saddle Bag. Available in two colours, it can store essentials like a phone, bank cards, or cash. Available for £50.00 here.


7. Secure and Durable: Thor Double Ended Inner Tube Vegan Keyring


Designed for added security and accessibility, the Thor Double Ended Inner Tube Vegan Keyring can be clipped to a belt loop or backpack. Made from a leather alternative, it offers durability for £18.00. Available in five different colours here.

8. For the Adventurer: Soldier Waterproof Vegan Backpack with Laptop Compartment


The Soldier Waterproof Vegan Backpack is a must-have for adventurous dads. With a laptop compartment and 15-20L capacity, it's perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Get it for £150.00 in your choice of two colours. Available here.


9. For the Stylish and Cash-Free: Walter Vegan Slimline Card Holder


Make cashless transactions convenient for your dad with the Walter Vegan Slimline Card Holder. Made from recycled rubber, it offers three compartments for cards. Choose from eight colours for £28.00, available here.

10. Ideal for Artists: Dotty Multi Design Eco-Friendly Pencil/Pen Holder


If your dad loves art, our Dotty Multi Design Eco-Friendly Pencil/Pen Holder is a practical and upcycled gift. Crafted from reclaimed rubber, it provides a durable and easy-to-clean holder for drawing, sketching, or colouring tools. Priced at £28.00, it adds a touch of creativity to any office or man cave. Available here.


11. A Versatile Travel Companion: Nova Waterproof Vegan Travel Pouch & Toiletry Bag


Gift your traveling dad the Nova Waterproof Vegan Travel Pouch & Toiletry Bag.

  1. Handmade using a combination of recycled army tent canvas and reclaimed tyre inner tube, this versatile pouch serves as a heavy duty wash bag, but it could also be used to store stationery, make-up, gadgets, toiletries or as an organiser. Our large size is available in olive or black for £50.00, or small size available in black for £40.00 here.
Nova Waterproof Vegan Travel Pouch & Toiletry Bag by Paguro Upcycle


12. Perfect for Explorers: Eco-Friendly and Vegan Upcycled Shoulder Bag


For dads who love exploring, the Donald Recycled Canvas Shoulder Bag is a great choice. Handmade with an adjustable strap, it can fit an iPad or 7-inch tablet. Each bag is unique due to the fabric used. Purchase it for £68.00 in olive due to our use of reclaimed army tents. Available here.


13. Designed for Bike Commuters: Bradley Upcycled Bike Messenger Bag


Designed with bike commuters in mind, the Bradley Upcycled Bike Messenger Bag is ideal for dads on the go. Handmade from reclaimed bike tires, truck inner tubes, and canvas, it features multiple compartments, including a padded laptop compartment for laptops up to 15 inches. Get it for £155.00 here.


14. A Memorable Gift for Cyclists: Lone Rider Recycled Bike Chain Pendant Necklace


Capture the memories of cycling with your dad by gifting him the Lone Rider Recycled Bike Chain Pendant Necklace. Made from recycled bike parts sourced from London repair shops, it's a unique and meaningful accessory priced at £17.00. Available with an Inner Tube Cord.


15. Stylish Accessory for Dads: Dimension Inner Tube Bracelet


If your dad enjoys wearing bracelets, the Dimension Inner Tube Bracelet is a perfect choice. Made from recycled rubber, each bracelet showcases unique upcycled tire markings and patterns. Available in sizes XS-L for £18.00 here.


16. Durable Protection for their Phone: Riley Recycled Rubber Vegan Phone Case


Protect your dad's phone with the Riley Recycled Rubber Vegan Phone Case. Made from reclaimed rubber, it offers simple elegance and durability. Available in black for £18.00 here.


17. Stylish Addition to Outfits: Multicolour Recycled Skateboard Round Cufflinks


Add a touch of flair to your dad's outfits with the Multicolour Recycled Skateboard Round Cufflinks. Each pair is unique, crafted from recycled skateboards, and priced at £30.00. We also offer them in a Square shape. View Round here.


18. A Functional Office Essential: Nebula Recycled Inner Tube Padded Vegan Laptop Bag


If your dad spends a lot of time in the office or working from home, the Nebula Recycled Inner Tube Padded Vegan Laptop Bag is a great gift. Available in three colours, it offers padded protection for laptops. Purchase it for £140.00 and view the different colour choices here.


19. Versatile and Distinctive Accessory: Triplet Unisex Inner Tube Bracelet


The Triplet Unisex Inner Tube Bracelet features three distinct patterns on the same band, offering variety for stylish dads. Made from reclaimed inner tubes, it's a unique and durable gift priced at £23.00. Available here in sizes XS-L.


20. A Unique Belt for Biking Enthusiasts: Recycled Bicycle Inner Tube Vegan Belt (with patches)


For biking enthusiasts, the Recycled Bicycle Inner Tube Vegan Belt with patches is a stylish twist on the traditional belt. Made from punctured inner tubes and featuring repair patches, it's a popular choice for mountain and motorbike lovers. Available for £42.00 here in sizes S-M.


21. If They Appreciate the Quirky and Useful: Bicycle Cog Funky Keyring


For the dad who loves riding his bike, the Bicycle Cog Funky Keyring is a quirky and useful gift. Available in four different colours, it adds a unique touch to your dad's keychain for £12.00. View the full range here.


22. If They Prefer Simple and Sophisticated: Spencer Recycled Rubber Vegan Crossbody Bag


The Spencer Recycled Rubber Vegan Crossbody Bag is a simple yet sophisticated messenger bag available in three sizes (S-L). With various compartments and zip pockets, it ensures your dad's belongings stay secure. Priced between £78.00 and £90.00, shop here.


23. Perfect for Dog Dads: Bubba Recycled Rubber Dog Vegan Keyring


Celebrate your dad's love for his furry friend with the Bubba Recycled Rubber Dog Vegan Keyring. Handmade from recycled bus or truck tires, it's a hard-wearing and automotive-infused accessory for only £10.00. Available here.


24. Ideal for Tour de France Fans: Recycled Bike Chain Bracelet


One of our best sellers. If your dad is a fan of the Tour de France, the Recycled Bike Chain Bracelet is a fitting gift. Made from chains sourced from London shops, it's a stylish accessory priced at £22.00. Available in sizes S-XXL here.


25. For the Gym Enthusiast: Ranger Water Resistant Duffle Vegan Gym Bag


For dads who spend their free time in the gym, the Ranger Water Resistant Duffle Vegan Gym Bag is a perfect companion. Handmade from recycled canvas from military tents, it's lightweight, water-resistant, and doubles as a travel bag. Available for £110.00 here.


26. Limited Edition for Chefy Dads: Upcycled Handmade Small Wooden Bowl


For cooking enthusiasts, the Limited Edition Eco-Friendly Small Wooden Bowl is an ideal serving dish. Made from offcuts of hard woods like teak, rosewood, and jackfruit, it adds a touch of natural beauty to your dad's kitchen. You should check out the rest of our homeware range for matching pieces such as chopping boards and serving plates. Priced at £18.00, the Small Wooden Bowl is available in two different patterns here


27. Perfect for Coffee Lovers: Handmade Hexagon Wooden Coasters


Complete your dad's coffee set with the Handmade Hexagon Wooden Coasters. Made from hardwood offcuts, these limited edition coasters protect surfaces and add a touch of elegance to coffee breaks. Available in sets of 2 for £20.00 or 4 for £38 here.

28. The Perfect Everyday Bag: Ninja Tortoise Vegan Upcycled Backpack


Our Ninja Tortoise Vegan Upcycled Backpack is small, compact, and versatile. Perfect for commuting, holidaying, or biking, this practical and stylish bag is filled with compartments and zip pockets to keep your belongings organised. Handmade using reclaimed rubber from tyre inner tubes, it is durable and waterproof. The cushioned back and adjustable shoulder straps ensure comfort, while a padded compartment stores your tablet securely. Get this everyday must-have bag for £95.00 here.



These 28 vegan and eco-friendly gift ideas provide a wide range of options for showing appreciation to your dad or father figure on Father's Day. Choose a unique and sustainable gift that aligns with his interests, and make this Father's Day truly special. Don't forget to share your Father's Day gifts with us on Instagram and Facebook by tagging us! We'd love to see how you're celebrating and spreading the love for sustainable and vegan gifts.

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