Meet Our New Sustainable Kitchen & Dining Range!

Meet Our New Sustainable Kitchen & Dining Range!

If you follow fashion news, you’ll know all about fast fashion. But more specifically, you’ll know why it has a bad rep when it comes to the environment. (It encourages a throwaway culture, which is wasteful and affects the environment during production and when it is disposed of as waste). You can read more about sustainable or slow fashion (the opposite of fast fashion) here

More recently, conversation has turned to the rise of fast homeware. In some ways, this change is not surprising. Curated images on Instagram have previously influenced consumer purchasing decisions. For instance, a celebrity goes to an awards event and wears a designer dress. The next day, a fast fashion brand recreates the dress for less and it becomes an instant sell-out. 

Over the past (almost) two years, we’ve spent more time inside and at home than perhaps we would have ordinarily. This has caused a boom in DIY projects and home renovations, with tradespeople being unable to get supplies or complete work because of issues compounded by the pandemic. 

Influencers are once again driving consumer purchasing decisions, but this time the emphasis is on homeware instead of fashion. This shift is supported by evidence, including the fact that the flagship Topshop store on Oxford Street was recently sold to IKEA. 

Consumers are so focused on creating a Pinterest-worthy home they are losing sight of where their products come from and how they are made. Sustainability affects every aspect of life. Making sustainable choices is an active decision, and it is the only way to help reduce waste. 

We’ve launched a new range of sustainable kitchen and dining accessories to help consumers embrace sustainability in every aspect of their lives. We’re hoping this will go some way to tackle fast homeware as consumers will see there is another option.

We’d love to introduce you to the new range:

Our Herringbone Pattern Round Wooden Serving Tray is just as beautiful as you’d expect it to be. The traditional herringbone pattern is recreated using a mix of dark and light reclaimed wood pieces. They are teak, rosewood, and jackfruit, which give it its distinctive look. The tray is pretty and practical, with two handles cut out of the raised lip. This makes it easier to carry and prevents anything from falling off it. Buy yours here

Our Artisan Upcycled End Grain Fruit Bowls are available in two unique patterns and two sizes (medium or large). They’re limited edition statement serving bowls made from reclaimed hardwoods such as teak, rosewood, and jackfruit. These fruit bowls are truly artisan as they are turned by hand using a lathe. 

If you’re looking for a new chopping board, we have just what you are looking for! Our Upcycled End Grain Cutting Board is available in four distinct patterns (A, B, C, E) and is available in two sizes (small or large). We love the visual appeal of these chopping boards. They are made of hardwood offcuts from local furniture factories, so each is unique. This item is a limited edition because of the materials used. They are practical and can be used for chopping or serving.

In need of a striking serving plate? Look no further! Our Premium Upcycled End Grain Wooden Serving Plate is available in two patterns (see the images below) and can be used as a serving plate or decorative homeware item. For instance, you could use it as a place to store your jewellery or simply place it on your coffee table.

Coasters have become popular again this year thanks to influencers and Pinspiration ideas. Our Unique Handmade End Grain Wooden Coasters are available in a set of two or four and are made from reclaimed hardwood. Each coaster has its own end grain pattern and deep tones. They make a great housewarming gift or an anniversary present if you are celebrating five years and following anniversary traditions.

Whether you’re entertaining or just need them for personal use, snack bowls are an essential dining accessory. Our Upcycled Handmade Wooden Snack Bowl (available in two patterns) is perfect for your mid-morning or post-lunch snack if you’re working from home. It can fit all your faves and looks stylish too.

Alternatively, we have an Upcycled Handmade Wooden Nibble Bowl (also available in two patterns). Once again, each bowl is handmade using hardwood offcuts. This nibble bowl is ideal for serving spices, condiments, nibbles, or dips. It’s perfect for the festive season or can be given as a housewarming gift.

Please note: as every item is handmade from reclaimed materials, there are often variations between products. This means your item is likely to be unique to you. This is one of our favourite things about sustainable, handmade products. We hope you like it too!

The main reason we have reclaimed and re-used hardwood offcuts is to prevent waste from being added to landfills unnecessarily AND to stop trees from being cut down. We hope our versatile range will encourage you to shop for sustainable homeware accessories when you need them. 

Paguro Upcycle Founder and Director, Yen Wei Goo, said of the new range: “If we really are to make a difference to the planet and climate change, we need to make changes across every aspect of our lives. We hope our new range will help customers embrace stylish sustainability in the home.”

You can view our full range of homeware items by clicking here:

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