The Ultimate Vegan Gift Guide for Valentine’s, Galentine’s, and Self Love

The Ultimate Vegan Gift Guide for Valentine’s, Galentine’s, and Self Love

Are you celebrating Valentine’s, Galentine’s, or self-love this Valentine’s Day? Did you or your other half try Veganuary for the first time this year? Or are you buying for a long-term Vegan? Either way, we’ve got you covered with our Ultimate Vegan Gift Guide (for all budgets), which has something for everyone. 

Gone are the days when you had to spend hours searching for Vegan-friendly gifts or decent chocolate! In recent years, brands have massively upped their game when it comes to Veganism. You can buy everything from Vegan sweet treats to at-home meal kits, cruelty-free pampering products, sustainable jewellery, and Vegan leather handbags. 

In this guide, we’ll show you a selection of gifts that are available to buy today. 

Cruelty-free pampering from Lush - is there anything better?

If you’re buying for someone who loves to pamper themselves at home (including yourself) and only wants to use cruelty-free beauty products, we can help. Lush has some great options this year.

Mr Loba Loba Bath Bomb

Ideal if you’ve found your Lobster and budget friendly at £3.50. Buy it from Lush here.

Self Love Club

This option is more expensive at £25 and includes a Groovy Kind Of Love bath bomb, Unicorn Horn bubble bar, Mr Loba Loba bath bomb (see above), Rainbow bubble bar (mini) and four sustainable badges made from recycled yoghurt pots. Buy yours here or in store.

Lots of Love

If you’re planning on splurging this Valentine’s Day, this is the ultimate at-home relaxation kit for you. It’s £45 and includes shower gel, soap, body conditioner, three bath bombs, and a bubble bar. Get yours here.

Relight your fire with a Vegan Bunny candle

The company sells its award-winning vegan candles online and even has some gift sets available for Valentine’s/Galentine’s. Here are our faves:

Spring Blossom soy candle

If you’re done with Winter and so ready for Spring, this is ideal. You have two options; a burning time of 25 or 50 hours. The prices vary from £7.90 to £14.90 and free delivery is offered for orders over £35. Click here to find out more.  

Galentine’s Day Gift Set

This includes a Rose Blossom candle, Halo Vegan Chocolate, and a pink flower bouquet, which makes it a great gift for yourself (self love), Valentine’s, or Galentine’s and it’s priced at £22.90 - view it here.

Candle Set - Luxury Edition

For the candle lover in your life. Vegan Bunny’s luxury candle set is available in two options; 25 or 50 hours burn time. The scents included are: either Autumn Leaves or Jolly Season, Cosy Time, Me Time, Bring Summer Back, and Sleep Time. Prices vary from £50.90 to £69.00 and you can find out more here

Jewellery can be sustainable and Vegan - look what Paguro Upcycle has to offer

Paguro Upcycle shows the broad array of materials that can be reused, repurposed and reloved. Its creative approach to upcycling and unique designs are sure to be a hit with the Vegan fashionista in your life. The company sells everything from handbags to jewellery, homeware, and kitchen accessories via its website.

Love Heart Recycled Skateboard Wooden Earrings

These lightweight earring studs are handmade, colourful, and unique in design. As each pair is made from reclaimed skateboard wood, each is slightly different in appearance. They’re £17 a pair and you can view them here. There are several designs in this range from a cute pair of robins to lucky stars, a four-leaf clover and triangles. 

Aster Flower Recycled Wood Gold Earrings

Do you ever buy or get given flowers and wish they’d last forever? With Paguro’s flower-inspired jewellery, you can! These lightweight earrings are made from recycled wood and include a daisy-like wildflower, which symbolises love, faith, and wisdom. There is also a matching necklace available. These flowers won’t fade, buy them here and cost £33.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Sustainable Necklace

Celebrate the funny, self-reliant, optimistic Aquarius in your life this Aquarius season with this Zodiac pendant. It is handmade from recycled wood and plant resin and includes biodegradable glitter. View it here. Paguro Upcycle offers a range of Zodiac necklace designs for all signs. Each is priced at £42 and wood colours may vary depending on what is available.

Vegan Chocolate just got a luxury upgrade thanks to Hotel Chocolat

Vegan alternatives for dairy products are revolutionising the lives of Vegans around the world. Especially as brands and mainstream companies are embracing them. You can go to your local highstreet cafe and the chances are, they’ll have a milk alternative. And chocolate is no different.

Unbelievably Vegan Bunny Selector

Hotel Chocolat’s Unbelievably Vegan bunnies are made from 45% Nutmilk chocolate and are a budget-friendly treat at £4.50 a pack. You can also mix and match selectors to get 3 for £12. View the bunnies here.

Unbelievably Vegan H-Box

If you’re looking to spend a bit more and want a mix of chocolates, the Unbelievably Vegan H-Box could be for you. It’s £13.50 and contains 14 different chocolates including flavours such as zesty orange, salted caramel, dark raspberry, pecan praline, and hazelnut. View the full menu here.

Vegan Sleekster

If you want to go all out, the Vegan Sleekster provides 33 chocolates (pralines, truffles, caraels, batons and more) for £23.50. The chocolates are made from Nutmilk and are perfect for the Vegan chocolate-lover in your life. View the menu in full here.

Enjoy a Vegan foodie feast from the comfort of home!

It’s not just high street retailers that are upping their Vegan game, recipe boxes and delivered home meal kits are embracing Veganism too. Instead of focusing on one brand, in this section we’ll provide three different cuisine DIY meal kits for you to enjoy at home, whatever your budget.

Dishoom Vegan Sausage Naan Roll Kit, £17 for two

This kit won the title of ‘Best overall’ in the Independent's best Vegan meal kits for 2022 article. Included in the kit are Vegan sausages, Vegan naan dough balls, tomato-chilli jam, Vegan cream cheese, coriander, and chai spaces to make tea for two. There is another option on the website to purchase the kit but with marmalade mimosas for £32. Find out more here.

Matsudai Ramen Vegan Sunset Red Ramen Kit, £10.49 per person

Matsudai Ramen’s delivered Vegan Sunset Ramen kit is ideal for ramen lovers across the UK. The kit features three key components; the soup, which is made with oat milk and offers a nice heat, Vegan Hakata noodles, which are handmade and cook in 25 seconds, and toppings. This includes organic tofu, mushrooms, and spring onions. View the kit here.

Arabica Middle Eastern Vegan Feast, £50 for two

If you want to go all out and enjoy culinary delights from the Middle East, Arabica has got you covered! The menu includes Crunchy Pickles, Hummus Beirut, Baba Ghanoush, Muhammara, Tabbouleh, Aubergine Kibbeh, Roasted Sweet potatoes, Chickpea, Aubergine & Spinach Stew, Handmade Pita Bread, and Vegan Baklava. Book your delivery slot here.

Whether you’re celebrating your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, or yourself this February 14th, we hope you found our Vegan Gift Guide useful!

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